It’s not easy for a dog owner to say goodbye to their existing lawn. But if you’re reading this article, it means that your yard has already been damaged by your furry friend and is in need of some serious attention. The good news is that artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY can solve the problem quickly and permanently.

Artificial grass effectively solves issues related to dog urine and poop

Every year, more and more people are opting for artificial turf to save their natural yards from dog-related problems like urine burn or feces stains:

  • ● Lawn burn

    For one, dog urine is extremely damaging to real grass. It burns the blades of grass and also leaves an unpleasant smell.

  • ● Fecal stains and bacteria

    Feces are also damaging to natural lawns, as they can leave stains on the grass. What’s more is that fecal bacteria can grow in your yard when it’s left untreated for too long, which poses health risks if you or your family members come into contact with it.

    Also, no one wants to step on poop! It can be hard to see them on a natural lawn, especially when you have overgrown grass and weeds.

  • ● Pests

    Finally, dog waste attracts pests like flies and ants to your yard due to the stench of urine or feces. If you have a garden, pollinating insects will also be discouraged from coming around due to these smells, too.

Artificial turf in Long Island, NY is not prone to any of these problems as long as you maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. For instance, pick up dog poop ASAP and rinse out pee and poop residue regularly.

Since synthetic turf is non-absorbent with an excellent drainage system. As a result, all that waste simply runs down to the turf’s base. This leaves you with a clean, sanitary and odor-free lawn that’s safe for all.

Finally, the high amounts of nitrogen in dog urine have no effect on synthetic lawns. As a result, you get a beautiful, green lawn that looks great despite canine use.

Your dog won’t be able to dig holes or burrow into your synthetic lawn

The fibers and backing of artificial grass prevent this from happening. Specifically, artificial grass has an interlocking system that prevents any fibers from coming loose. Your dog won’t be able to tear up the fibers, no matter how much they put those furry paws and claws to work.

Got a digger? Dogs for different reasons:

  • They’re trying to find animals that live underneath the ground like gophers and moles. Even if they don’t dig far enough down, their digging can damage both the grass and their roots, not to mention create ugly holes afterwards.
  • Some dogs dig to cool off on hot days.
  • Others do it because it’s fun or due to boredom.
  • Many dogs dig holes to bury a treat or toy. While they do cover up this type of holes, it still destroys the grass.

Thanks to the durable backing, the surface of your lawn will stay even and perfectly smooth. You will have a disappointed dog on your hands. However, that’s nothing a quick game of fetch or a tasty treat can’t fix!

Furthermore, even the most intense puppy patrols won’t be able to wear paths on your artificial lawn. Your dog can play as long as they want in your yard and it will still be as good as new afterwards.

Synthetic turf reduces the chances of pests invading your lawn

Dog urine and feces can attract a huge variety of pests into your lawn. For instance, dog poop on your lawn can attract flies, mosquitos and other insects. Leave it there long enough and it will eventually invite compost flies to lay their eggs on the ground nearby. This means that you may have maggots living near your pet’s favorite spot!

Artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY solves this issue by preventing pests like these from coming into contact with your dog’s waste products in the first place.

If they do survive in some way, it won’t be long before they die off, because they won’t be able to find appropriate shelter or food sources on a synthetic lawn.

Lower the harm pet waste brings to your surroundings

Lastly, there are the environmental issues to consider: when dog waste breaks down, it can contaminate the ground and nearby water sources. Not only will pet waste cause problems for you and your lawn, but it can also harm the environment.

Since it’s easier to stay on top of pet waste on a synthetic lawn, you can spend more time outdoors, let your dog enjoy the fresh air and celebrate with friends on your patio without worrying about how it affects your surroundings.

Artificial Grass: Keeping Dogs and Their Owners Happy!

Here at Long Island Artificial Grass, we know that your dogs are an important part of your life. They’re man’s best friend and provide so much joy, laughter and love every day.

But it can be difficult to keep a natural lawn looking pristine after they’ve had their way with it. Artificial grass is the best solution for anyone who wants a beautiful, safe and low maintenance yard while still having room for Rover to play!

If that sounds good, we’re here to help you make the most informed decision about your lawn!

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