Using artificial grass for putting greens ensures worry-free golf practice. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is dirt free, requires low maintenance and resists damage well. However, not every golfer has an actual yard to install their new putting green in. If that’s you, our artificial grass installers in Long Island recommend situating your new putting green on your roof deck. Here’s why.

Why Roof Decks Are a Great Area for Putting Greens

Roof decks are one of our favorite places to install artificial grass in Long Island. There’s nothing better than enjoying those beautiful, sky-high views while relaxing on soft synthetic turf. In addition, roof decks are also an excellent location for putting greens:

• Synthetic turf is incredibly weather-resistant.

Unless you have a completely shaded roof, most of it is probably exposed to the elements 24/7. It’s simply impossible for real grass to survive constant exposure to the sun, wind and rain. As a result, a natural putting green will eventually wither and develop bare patches if you place on the roof.

In contrast, synthetic turf is impervious to weather changes. Once we lay down the putting green surface, it will remain green, lush and perfectly playable for years. No need to worry about shielding it from the sun, covering it from the snow or protecting it from the rain! 

• You can customize your rooftop putting green any way you want.

It can be hard to imagine slopes and mini bunkers in a space as high as the roof, but they’re easy to execute with artificial turf in Long Island. As long as your roof’s structure can safely accommodate the features you want, we can add everything from multiple holes to undulations, tee boxes and sand traps to your rooftop green. 

• A synthetic putting green can significantly improve home value.

Planning to put your home on the market? Buyers love properties with extra amenities. A rooftop putting green can be a great selling point and it can really set your home apart from others in the area.

Better yet, synthetic turf is incredibly low maintenance, safe for kids and pets and adds beauty to your home— all of which are extremely attractive to home buyers.

• A rooftop putting green offers you complete privacy.

Placing your putting green on your roof deck protects you from prying eyes. Because of this, you get to focus 100% on your game. Feel free to practice any time you want, as long as you need to on your private putting green!

• Putting greens are a fantastic recreational feature.

Golfer or not, playing on a putting green is fun for everyone. Invite friends and family to play a round or two or set up a friendly competition for your next gathering. It’s also a great way to introduce children to golf and is a terrific family bonding activity, too.

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