Planning to welcome a new puppy in your home, or breeding your next litter of pups? It’s time to consider switching to artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY. Being able to explore the world is essential for the physical and social needs of growing pooches. With synthetic turf, this process has never been easier or more fun!

Benefits of an Artificial Grass for Puppies

Having the run of the yard is one of the best things you can give to your puppies. It allows them to explore the world in the fenced safety of your home. Unfortunately, real grass is not always ideal for the task. It can have hidden dangers like toxic weeds and pests. The surface can be hard to clean after the puppies go potty. Those cute, energetic paws can also be very damaging to the delicate grass.

Synthetic turf offers an excellent compromise between a natural lawn and a fuss-free, low-maintenance space to raise your new pups. Check out these benefits:

It’s dig-proof.

Let’s face it—dogs love to dig everything! They explore with their paws and mouths, and puppies are brimming with curiosity. Pretty soon, you’ll start finding holes and uneven dips in your yard as your furry friends try to explore hidden treasures on your lawn.

Prevent your pups from destroying the lawn with their incessant digging using synthetic grass in Long Island. Turf is made with incredibly durable materials like nylon. It doesn’t matter how much they try to break through the fibers, but they won’t get past the first layer. It’s a win-win situation— puppies get to release their digging instinct, and you end up with a beautiful, damage-free lawn at the end of the day.

It is free from toxins.

Artificial grass is toxin-free, making it a safer option for raising a puppy. They love to put everything in their mouths and as a pet owner, you want to lessen the risks of them ingesting foreign, toxic materials.

It is also an ideal choice because it requires no chemical maintenance. You don’t need to use insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers that are sometimes harmful to your canine friend. It gives you peace of mind no matter how long your pup spends time outside.

It’s easy to clean.

One of the most practical benefits of artificial grass in Long Island when raising a pup is that it’s effortless to clean. Pick up solid waste as usual, and rinse urine with mild soapy water. This gets rid of odors and leaves your lawn clean and sanitary.

Create the Best Environment for Your Puppy to Grow up In with Artificial Grass

Raising a puppy is such an exciting and fun activity, but it can be challenging as well. Solve many of the pet-related issues caused by real grass by switching to artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY! For more information on how to create a better yard for you and your pets, call Long Island Artificial Grass today at 631-900-2955 for inquiries.