Weeds are a headache for every homeowner. In addition to being unsightly, most weed are invasive and spread quickly throughout your yard, threatening to take over your flower beds and garden. 

Weeds require you to spend hours on your hands and knees trying to dig them out or treating the area with harsh chemical pesticides.

If you are tired of dealing with weeds in your yard, one answer is artificial turf in Long Island, NY.

But first, what makes weeds such a huge problem in the first place?

Weeds and Your Backyard

Weeds are one of the biggest problems for lawn maintenance. These pesky plants can grow absolutely anywhere and can be extremely hard to get rid of.

Worse, they can invade your lawn from anywhere—from neighboring properties or from seeds that were never completely removed from the soil.

Additionally, weeds are also very hardy plants that can survive in almost any kind of weather and soil conditions. They can also be dangerous as they have the potential to harm you and your family, as well as your pets.

How Artificial Grass Solves Your Weed Problem

Artificial grass does a lot of things well, but it is especially effective at killing weeds:

  • It blocks sunlight, which kills weeds.

The vast majority of weeds require sunlight in order to grow and thrive. By installing artificial turf in Long Island, NY, you block this source of light from reaching the soil underneath your lawn. 

This means that no new weeds will pop up in your lawn. It also means that any existing weeds will eventually die off as well.

  • It provides great drainage, which kills weeds that need water to survive.

Weeds tend to thrive when there’s a lot of moisture in the soil. It’s common for them to grow in areas where there’s poor drainage or lots of rain. 

This isn’t the case with artificial grass. With its sand infill, synthetic turf sheds water effectively and prevents the type of standing water that attracts weeds.

  • It doesn’t provide organic matter for weed seeds to grow.

Weed seeds can be carried in by birds, animals or wind gusts before they have a chance to germinate and grow. 

Synthetic turf doesn’t provide organic matter where they can take hold and develop.
There’s less chance of this happening at all.

  • You no longer need to use weed killers.

While some people may not agree, there is growing concern about the safety of weed killers. 

Even if you don’t think weed killers are harmful to you, they can certainly be harmful to pets and other animals. If you want to reduce or eliminate your use of weed killers, then synthetic grass in Long Island is the safer option.

Ready for a Weed-Free Yard?

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for natural lawns that are plagued by weeds. 

It’s easier and more cost-effective than using chemicals or other weed control methods. The effects are more immediate and long-lasting.

Using the most advanced synthetic grass products and installation process, Long Island Artificial Grass can help you create a lawn that combines all the best parts of grass without the hassle.

We’d love to help you find the right landscaping solution for your needs: call our artificial grass installers in Long Island at 631-900-2955 or send us a message today!