Properly caring for pet waste on artificial turf is important for maintaining good hygiene, avoiding unpleasant smells, and keeping your lawn looking pristine. Artificial grass designers specifically tailor it to withstand pets. With the right maintenance routine, your artificial lawn can stay clean and durable despite animal traffic.

The Daily Scoop

The key is promptly picking up all solid waste from your pets. Artificial grass has holes that allow liquid to drain through, but solids will remain on top. Scoop all poop daily before it gets a chance to get trampled into the turf or release ammonia, which can cause yellow spots and a bad odor over time.

Have poop bags ready by each exit and ask everyone in the home to pitch in. This quick daily task takes just a few minutes and is the single most effective thing you can do.

Rinsing Away Residue

After solid waste is picked up, lightly rinse the area to help remove any leftover organic matter and residue. Simply spraying with your garden hose on a low setting is sufficient. The artificial turf’s backing allows the water to drain out completely so no pooling or staining occurs.

Rinsing prevents urine, which can contain ammonia, bacteria, and salts from accumulating and helps lift it down to the drainage layer underneath.

Deep Cleaning Solutions

For periodic deeper cleaning, use an artificial grass enzyme cleaner specially formulated to break down organic waste. Enzyme cleaners help remove filth and stains by breaking down proteins and salts and neutralizing odors.

Apply the cleaner as directed, let it soak in for 5-10 minutes, gently scrub with a soft bristle brush and rinse away. This can be done as often as needed when waste buildup is visible or done once a month as preventative maintenance.

No Pests or Permanent Stains

One of the great things about artificial turf is that, unlike real grass, it does not attract pests that feed on pet waste. And with routine cleaning, it resists permanent staining or retaining smells. But even with good maintenance, pet traffic will take a toll over time.

Talk to an Expert

If you still have concerns about selecting, installing, or maintaining artificial grass with pets, our experts are ready to discuss the details with you. Contact us today or call 631-900-2955 to explore your options and find the perfect artificial grass solution for your home.