If you’ve never seen or played on an artificial putting green, you may think, “How can a small area covered in fake grass help my golf game?”

For one, you’re probably thinking of a putting mat – those portable artificial grass mats with holes at the end. Mostly, they’re entertaining, but not useful for serious golfers.

A backyard putting green made of synthetic grass in Long Island is more than just a novelty. It’s a professional-grade golf practice area that mimics the look and feel of an actual course.

Most importantly, you can customize it to provide the exact practice experience you need.

In particular, there are several features that will allow you to create an accurate and useful practice surface:

  1. Undulations
  2. Different Levels of Rough (and Greens)
  3. Various Hole Positions
  4. Bunkers and Water Hazards
  5. Different Speeds

We will discuss these features in detail throughout the article below:

1. Undulations

Undulations are dips and rises in the putting green’s surface. They can be subtle or drastic, depending on your needs.

For example, make one area of your artificial grass in Long Island more difficult by adding some undulations – this simulates playing a ball above its center (which is something that happens on real golf courses). The added undulations will make the putting green more challenging.

You can also use undulations to create “target areas” on your practice putting green. This is very useful for practicing shots that require a high (or low) trajectory, like bunker shots or bump-and-run chip shots.

Don’t worry if you currently have a flat backyard. Our installers can create artificial slopes and undulations in just about any area.

2. Artificial Grass Putting Green Have Different Levels of Rough (and Greens)

You’ve probably played a round of golf where your ball either “sticks” to the green or seems to roll forever. Synthetic grass in Long Island with variable elevation will give you this same feeling of command.

Creating different levels of rough is more than just decoration – it’s an important part of any serious golfer’s training regimen. The different rough levels will allow you to practice a variety of shots under a variety of circumstances – a critical part of improving your golf game.

3. Various Hole Positions

A putting green is not very useful if you can’t practice your ball positioning. Don’t settle for a course in which all the holes are the same distance from the cup.

Our customizable courses will allow you to position your balls in specific locations, allowing you to fine-tune your approach shots.

4. Bunkers and Water Hazards

Bunkers and water hazards are a staple of any professional golf course. If you have enough space in your yard and room in your budget, we strongly recommend adding a bunker or local water hazard to your putting green.

You can customize these features, too. For instance, you can ask our installers to place a bunker near the end of a green, allowing you to practice your putting from different angles. You can also choose a water hazard that doubles as a landscape feature, such as a pond or small lake.

5. Different Speeds

Green speed or stimp rating matters in professional golf. This is the speed at which the grass on a green grows – faster than normal or slower than normal.

Your backyard putting green should have a range of speeds, allowing you to practice your putts from behind the hole. You can also use this feature to train yourself on speed control – one of the most important parts of golfing better.

This list is just the beginning.

You can mix and match all the features above to create your ultimate backyard putting green. The final design is up to you!

What Does YOUR Ideal Artificial Grass Putting Green Look Like?

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