Long Island is practically synonymous with outdoor parties and gatherings. While most of us can’t get enough of it, our natural lawns are a different matter.

Planning to throw a backyard brunch today and a formal outdoor dinner tomorrow? Say hello to trampled grass, mud all over the place (and your guests!), plus a whole bunch of other issues once the party is over.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to call our artificial grass installers in Long Island.

Why Long Island Outdoor Parties Are Better with Artificial Grass

Hosting backyard get-togethers is fun, but it’s also incredibly tough on your lawn. A lot of people are walking around, spilling food and drinks and generally wearing down the grass.

If you want to impress your guests with luscious greenery every time you host an outdoor gathering, consider installing synthetic turf. Here are the following reasons why it is a better option compared to the real thing:

  • 1. Save money (and throw more parties!)

    Investing in artificial turf will help you save money in the long run. Despite its upfront cost, artificial grass installation is a one-time expense that quickly pays for itself.

    Lawn maintenance can take up a huge chunk of your budget, from expensive water bills to buying fertilizers, pesticides and gas for your mower. If you have a large property, this can also include paying for professional maintenance. In short, grass seeds may be cheap, but keeping them alive and beautiful can cost a fortune over the years.

    All of these expenses disappear the moment you switch to artificial turf in Long Island, NY. Aside from freeing up your budget, you also get back the time and energy you used to spend on maintaining your lawn. Now you can spend it all on more fun stuff— like hosting more parties for family and friends, for instance!

  • 2. Much more beautiful than real grass

    High quality synthetic turf is incredibly realistic. It looks so lifelike, most people find it hard to determine whether it is artificial or real unless you admit it— but what’s the fun in immediately telling everyone the secret to your gorgeous lawn? Watch them do a double-take before you make the big reveal!

    Both synthetic grass and real turf look beautiful. Still, there’s one major difference—synthetic grass in Long Island always looks perfect no matter what.

    It retains the same color, blade thickness, height and texture. On the other hand, real grass quickly loses its beauty due to moisture, changing weather, heavy traffic and variations in light. Rest assured that your lawn is always ready for a party, anytime.

  • 3. Extremely low maintenance

    Synthetic grass is the ideal surface for, well, almost anything. There’s barely any work involved to keep it presentable.

    If you’re organizing an outdoor event, you know how tiring it is to prepare your natural lawn. You need to mow and weed it to keep it manicured. But with artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about maintenance anymore. Instead of spending your time mowing the lawn, you can focus on other things such as preparing food for the guests and listing down fun activities for the event.

    Even during the event, artificial grass proves to be beneficial. Someone spilled a drink? Relax, you have synthetic turf now and that includes its state-of-the-art drainage system.

    That means no mud, no sticky puddles and only a quick rinse post-party to clean up all the spill. In short, synthetic turf keeps the entire venue clean and attractive all the time.

Impress Your Family and Friends with a Brand-New Synthetic Lawn!

Artificial grass is hands down the better choice for Long Island homeowners who love getting everyone together for a good time. Enjoy much less hassle with much more freedom to enjoy the gathering without worrying about your lawn.

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