Installing artificial grass on a lawn typically costs between $5,000 to $10,000 per 500 square feet. On the other hand, natural grass costs around $1,000 to cover the same area. Looking at these values alone, it may seem more cost effective to opt for natural grass. What may not be readily apparent, however, is the upkeep costs for a natural grass lawn. This includes recurring monthly costs for water, fertilizer and other maintenance costs.

Top Three Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in Long Island

Even with its lower initial cash out, opting for a natural grass lawn may not be as economical as you’d think. Let’s take a quick look at the costs that come with a natural grass lawn and how artificial grass saves you more in the long run.


  • Save on water

    A well maintained lawn consumes around $90 dollars’ worth of water annually. The average life span of an artificial turf in Long Island, NY is 15 years. The cost of watering a natural grass lawn for 15 years is already $1,350. With synthetic grass, there is no need for water except for the weekly hose down to clean the turf. This is drastically less than the daily watering that natural grass requires to keep it looking green and lush.


  • Save on fertilizer

    On average, the cost of fertilizer needed to maintain a natural grass lawn in a year is $100. In a span of 15 years, that brings the total to $1,500. This doesn’t include the labor involved in fertilizing the lawn. On the other hand, there’s no need to fertilize synthetic grass for your Long Island lawn. An artificial grass lawn will stay green all year long on its own!


  • Save on other lawn services

    Hiring a gardener will cost around $25 per week. Assuming lawn maintenance is done every two weeks, that’s a total of $650 per year or $9,750 in 15 years. When you use artificial grass in Long Island, there is no need to hire someone to maintain your lawn for you. Less expenses, less worries.


Save…yourself from worrying

There is no price that can be placed on peace of mind. With natural grass lawns, there are many concerns about how external factors will affect its condition. Dry out in the summer heat, Survive a heavy downpour and it will still look green and fresh if people use the yard for different activities? With artificial grass Long Island, there’s no need to worry about any of these things. After the installation, all you need to worry about is how to best show of your brand new lawn.

How much is that in total?

Taking the figures above, installing and maintaining a natural grass lawn for 15 years comes up to a total of $13,600. On the other hand, the bulk of the cost of an artificial grass lawn is spent on installation. Costing $10,000 to install and $1,500 for water to clean your turf will only get you to $11,500 total. That’s $2,100 cheaper than $13,600. Add to that, a no fuss lawn maintenance and it’s clear just how much more convenient and economical artificial grass lawns can be.

So, if you’re looking for long term savings coupled with a worry free lawn setup, then an artificial grass lawn is right for you. Call 631-900-2955 now!

(All costs are estimates and used as general examples. For specific comparison please schedule a time to meet with an installation expert to get accurate figures for your property)