Fluffy dogs love playing in yards just as much as other dogs. The only problem is that they’re more likely to stumble upon yard hazards due to their thick fur. Growing natural grass can protect your furry friends from the dangers in the soil. But real turf can also hide a lot of things that can harm your dogs. Artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY is the perfect solution to this problem.

Pet-friendly turf can keep your thick-haired dogs safe from the following dangers that lurk in yards.

Grass Awns

Grass awns are sharp little barbs that grow on the grass. They tangle easily in fur and they’re difficult to remove once they stick to the hair. Grass awns can burrow into your dog’s skin and cause painful skin irritation.If a lot of grass awns got stuck on your dogs, it’s usually best to take them to the vet clinic. Veterinarians can sedate your pups to avoid hurting them while they pry out the sharp seeds.

Artificial grass is great for dogs with thick fur because it does away with awns altogether. There are no sharp edges or burrs on artificial grass, so there’s no risk of your dog getting grass awns on their fur.


Ticks stick to dog hair before crawling to the skin and feeding on their victim’s blood. They carry various diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. They can also cause anemia in dogs. Dogs with thick fur are more likely to have ticks than dogs with short hair because the parasites can burrow into their skin without being noticed.

Ticks don’t like the texture of artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY, so they tend to avoid it. The turf also stays short, so it doesn’t give these parasites much height to latch on to their victims.


Fleas are another big danger to dogs with thick fur. If a flea bites your dog, it can cause an allergic reaction. One of the most common symptoms of this is excessive scratching, which can lead to bald spots and open wounds on your pet’s skin. On top of that, fleas can also carry various diseases.

Synthetic grass in Long Island removes flea infestations by killing them at their source: the soil. It covers the ground completely, which is where fleas like to lurk.


Dirt is one of the biggest problems for fluffy dogs. It gets stuck in their fur and can cause irritation, itchiness, skin allergies and even infections. When dogs with thick fur get dirt in their coats, it can take weeks to get all of it out unless you give them a thorough bath.

Synthetic turf eliminates this problem altogether because it has zero dirt. You can also use it to cover the areas in your yard that have soil. This goes a long way in keeping your thick-haired dogs clean and dirt-free.

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Here at Long Island Artificial Grass, we want to help you keep your fluffy dogs safe from yard hazards. That’s why we offer dog-friendly synthetic turf that can last up to 10 years or more with minimal upkeep. Our team can also help you design and install pet turf in your yard.

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