Nothing boosts curb appeal like beautiful landscaping. Unfortunately, achieving it can be an uphill battle, especially if you’re growing grass. If you don’t have the time or money to maintain it, it could turn into a problem-filled overgrown mess after some time. The great news is that you can skip all that hassle if you install artificial grass in Long Island.

Synthetic turf offers landscaping benefits that natural grass cannot match. Here are some of the reasons why you can’t go wrong with using it for your landscapes:

Artificial Grass is Easy to Maintain

Artificial grass is perfect for people who want a beautiful lawn but don’t have the time or energy to care for it. After all, it doesn’t need any of these essential turf maintenance tasks:

  • Watering, because it doesn’t need water to thrive
  • Mowing, because it doesn’t grow
  • Weeding, because weeds can’t break through the turf
  • Fertilizing, because it doesn’t need nutrients to stay healthy
  • Spraying pesticides, because bugs and critters tend to avoid it
  • Aerating the soil, because soil compaction doesn’t affect it

Artificial Grass Can Be Installed on Different Surfaces

Turf installers can lay down artificial grass in Long Island on various surfaces, such as soil, wood, concrete and more.

That means you don’t have to limit your synthetic turf installation to the areas in your yard that have soil. You can use artificial grass to spruce up hardscaped outdoor spaces as well, like patios and decks. This opens up design opportunities that you could never pursue with natural grass.

For example, you can create unique geometric patterns on your patio’s floor by combining turf and pavers. You can also soften your stone pathways by lining them with lush artificial grass.

Compliments Lawn Designs 

Synthetic grass comes in different pile heights that make it a breeze to achieve unique designs.

Short artificial grass looks great with minimalist landscaping. You can use it to add just enough greenery to your spaces without being overwhelming.

Medium-height artificial grass is perfect for adding texture to your yard. Its blades give a more natural look than short piles, and you can mix them with other pile heights to give your landscape more variety.

Long artificial grass works best when used on slopes and banks where natural turf would not grow well. You can also install it in areas that could use more foliage.

Moreover, synthetic grass in Long Island is available in different colors that will give your landscape a bold, new look. Popular fake grass colors include green, blue, pink, orange, red, black and gray.

Works Well With Plants

Artificial grass looks great with trees, plants and flowers. You can lay it down in shady areas like under trees to make your landscape look lusher. You can also place planters and flower pots on artificial grass without any issues.

On top of that, synthetic turf won’t compete against plants for water and nutrients in the soil. So you can place it right next to your plants. It’s also environmentally friendly and pet-friendly, and it stays green all year long.

Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces With Artificial Turf in Long Island, NY

Long Island Artificial Grass is your partner in all things synthetic turf. So whether you’re in the market for artificial grass for landscaping or just want more tips for custom designs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you figure out the best solution for your project. Send us a message online or call us now at 631-900-2955!