Artificial grass installers on Long Island can dramatically transform your home pool into an exciting amenity. When it comes to landscaping around your pool, synthetic turf is a fantastic option, accommodating all pool shapes and sizes from the classic rectangular design to more free-form creations. Artificial grass can be the perfect accompaniment to different pool types.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools are a classic design, perfect for swimming laps or playing pool games. The clean, symmetrical lines lend themselves beautifully to a sleek, modern aesthetic.

To enhance this effect, surround your rectangular pool with artificial grass. The uniform color and texture of the grass provides a contrast to the pool’s cool, refreshing water, creating a visually appealing landscape.

Artificial grass drains quickly, preventing puddles from forming around your pool. Plus, its soft surface cushions any falls, making it a safer choice especially if you have kids.

Oval or Round Pools

Oval or round pools provide a softer, more organic design and often make ideal focal points for a yard.

A beautiful way to accentuate these pool shapes is to encase them in an ample carpet of lush, green artificial grass. The contrast of the curvaceous pool edges against the sharply cut grass outline creates a striking design element.

Moreover, with a temperature-controlled product, even on the hottest Long Island summer days. Your artificial grass remains cool to the touch, making barefoot lounging by the pool a reality.

Multi-Sided Pools

Multi-sided or geometric pools can add a sophisticated twist to any outdoor space due to their defined lines and angles. They can come in square, rectangular, or even hexagonal forms, providing a distinctive and sleek look.

A great design idea to enhance these crisp lines is to use artificial grass to craft a geometric pattern around the pool. Combine different shades of green artificial grass to create a checkerboard effect.  Even just use a lighter border against a darker interior. This adds visual interest, complementing the symmetry of the pool.

Alternatively, create a stark contrast to the sharp angles of your pool by making your artificial grass landscaping soft and curvaceous. Use it to create winding paths to and from the pool for a visually dynamic yard.

Figure-8 Pools

Figure-8 pools combine the best of both worlds with one end typically wider for leisurely swimming and the narrower end suitable for laps or water sports. Their flowing lines lend a unique and playful air, making them a classic choice for households.

Artificial grass installers on Long Island can create installations that perfectly complement these pools. Following the unique shape closely and creating an organic and seamless look.

Try incorporating other landscape features like pebbles or flat stepping stones into the artificial grass for an additional point of interest. Or surround the pool area with densely planted flowers, shrubs, or trees creating a personal oasis for your figure-8 pool.

Roman-Shaped Pools

Reminiscent of ancient Roman baths, these pools are characterized by a rectangular body with semicircular ends. This pool design suggests grandeur and opulence, making them great for classic aesthetic leans.

Convey the same luxury with a beautifully manicured artificial grass lawn as a border. Frame the pool while allowing enough space for lounge chairs and poolside furniture. Pair this with large potted palms or citrus trees and you will have a piece of Roman luxury in your backyard.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

Kidney-shaped pools are romantic and bring a natural lagoon-like aesthetic to your outdoor space. Their organic shape and aesthetically pleasing curves are often the perfect choice for a modernist or a California-style home.

One captivating design idea involves framing the curvy kidney-shaped pool with a broad edge of artificial grass, allowing plenty of space for sun lounges. This design creates a pleasing contrast between the curves of your pool and the straight-cut edge of the artificial grass perimeter

L-Shaped Pools

L-shaped pools are a functional and efficient use of space. The 90° angle layout creates a natural division in the pool providing separate areas for diving and laps or shallow play areas.

A striking way to accentuate an L-shaped pool is by lining half of the L shape with a deck or patio. While the other half of the L utilizes artificial grass. This creates a contrasting texture and color, adding a unique touch to your pool area.

Freeform Pools

As the name implies, freeform pools are not limited to any specific shape. They can take on any form that suits the homeowner’s preferences.  Often molded to fit existing landscape features or just mimic natural aquatic forms.

Given their organic nature, these pool shapes work best with a border of lush artificial grass, laid out as an uninhibited, flowing lawn. You can ask artificial grass installers on Long Island to landscape the edge of your freeform pool with large boulders, pebbles, and colorful succulents to create a naturalistic design.

Style Up Your Pool Landscape

Whichever shape your pool takes, artificial grass is an adaptable and beautiful landscaping choice for the surrounding area.

With artificial grass, endless trimming to maintain a neat edge around your pool is not a concern, allowing you more time to enjoy your pool. Plus, its visual appeal and safety benefits make it the perfect choice for any pool landscape on Long Island.

For the best artificial grass installation to complement your pool, get in touch with Long Island Artificial Grass. We’re here to make your dream poolside landscape an engaging outdoor reality. Call us at 631-900-2955 or send us a message online for a free consultation.