Artificial grass installers in Long Island offer synthetic turf as the perfect solution for people who don’t have or want to devote a lot of time to lawn maintenance. Why? Because it doesn’t need most of the chores that are essential in growing and taking care of natural grass.

Here are seven  things that you can remove from your list of yard care chores for good when you replace your natural lawn with a synthetic one:

Fertilize the Soil

You won’t need to fertilize anymore, because there’s no real grass to fertilize. This will not only help you save money from costly fertilizers, but it’ll also make your yard more eco-friendly.

Fertilizers can be harsh on the environment because they can contaminate water sources. They can also make your pets sick when ingested, depending on their components.

Deal with Yellow Spots on Grass but not in Artificial Grass

Pests and fungal infections can create yellow spots on your grass. Another cause of yellowing is thatch, a layer of decomposing leaves and stems between the soil and grass typically caused by over-fertilizing. And if you have pets, their outdoor potty areas most likely have yellow spots due to their acidic urine.

Synthetic grass in Long Island stays green all year round with minimal maintenance. It doesn’t attract pests, can’t get sick from fungal infections and retains its lush, green color even when soaked in pet pee.

Water the Grass

A healthy lawn requires about 1 inch of water per week but depending on where you live, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to use more than 100 gallons of water per day to maintain their yard. That’s over 3,000 gallons of water per month!

If you’re looking for ways to conserve water and lower your utility bills, artificial grass is a great solution. The only time it needs water is when it needs hosing down to get rid of dirt, dust and waste residues. That’s nowhere near the amount that natural lawns need.

Artificial Grass doesn’t need weed wacker

The average American homeowner spends up to seven hours every week maintaining their lawn and a significant portion of that goes to weed whacking or pulling out weeds.

If you’re tired of pulling weeds and wish you could avoid cutting your grass every weekend, installing artificial grass is the perfect solution. Weeds can’t grow through synthetic turf, so the invasive plants can’t take over its surface. For the same reason, you’ll also never have to apply toxic weedicides to your yard again.

Get Rid of Grass Stains

Anyone who’s had a lawn has probably run into the issue of grass stains. On kids’ clothes, pets and even your own shoes, it’s not uncommon to see a smudge of green after you’ve been in the yard.

With artificial grass in Long Island, there’s no need to worry about that problem ever again. It doesn’t deteriorate over time and under foot traffic, so it doesn’t leave grass stains on the things it comes in contact with.

Mow the Lawn

Of course, if there’s no grass growing, then you’ll never have to mow anything again. Mowing is one of those necessary evils in life. Yes, we all want our yards to look nice, but mowing can be an exhausting chore and very difficult for some people, especially those who are elderly or disabled.

With artificial turf, you can enjoy the look of a thick and healthy lawn all year long without ever having to pick up a lawnmower or trimmer again! You’ll also save on costs associated with equipment maintenance and upkeep like gas

Say Goodbye to These Tedious Chores for Good With Artificial grass

Why spend hours growing and maintaining natural grass that can wilt or turn yellow very fast when you can have a lawn that’s guaranteed to stay lush and green for years with artificial grass?

Let Long Island Artificial Grass transform your yard with a beautiful, but easy-to-maintain, synthetic lawn.

Our artificial grass installers in Long Island can guarantee a fast and hassle-free installation so you can start relaxing and having fun on your lawn as soon as possible. Call us now at 631-900-2955 or contact us online to get a FREE quote on your project!