Enriching your dog’s backyard experience is important for their overall happiness and health. But before diving into the fun ideas below, it’s important to create a safe and comfortable outdoor space for your dog first. You can start by installing artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY.

Why Not Use Natural Grass?

Your dog’s urine can kill real grass, and their poop is a huge breeding ground for parasites and diseases as well. Natural grass also requires a massive amount of water, which is not only bad for the environment but also bad for your wallet.

And if your pups love digging, running and playing, you’ll likely have a lawn that’s riddled with patches and dead spots.

Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Pet Spaces

Artificial grass doesn’t retain odors, is easy to clean, and can help keep your yard looking fresh and healthy all year round.

Moreover, artificial turf in Long Island, NY isn’t just soft and gentle on paws, it’s also 100% nontoxic and dog-proof. Dogs can’t dig it up, pull it out or claw holes into its surface, so it’s not going anywhere—even if your pet is an enthusiastic digger.

Pooch-Friendly Enrichment Ideas for Synthetic Yards

Scent-Based Puzzles

Scent work stimulates your dog’s thinking skills and hones their ability to sniff things out.

To set up a scent-based puzzle for your dogs, you can put various pet treats around the backyard and allow them to use their nose to sniff out where the treats are hidden. This is a great way to give them some entertainment while they are outside.

Feel free to hide wet or sticky treats in dishes around your synthetic lawn. If they spill over, just rinse and wash the synthetic turf and it’ll be as good as new.

Doggy Tetherball

For dogs that love to chase and play with balls, tetherball is an active way to release energy. Your dogs will have fun chasing the ball as it goes around the pole. They can also hit it to your or your other pooches using their nose and paws.

If you have dogs that are active or need to watch their food intake, you’ll love this  game because it doesn’t involve treats. That means it can’t interfere with their diet. It’s easy to make a tetherball game. You just need a rope, a pole and a ball.

Synthetic grass is tough. So it doesn’t matter how many times your dogs trample it as they chase the ball around the pole. The pet-friendly turf won’t take any lasting damage.

Digging Pit

If your dogs are diggers, give them the ultimate treat — a digging pit!

Dig a pit before turf installation, then ask your installers to install artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY around it. Fill the pit with tiny pebbles.

Then, hide and bury bones, treats and toys just below the surface. Show your canines how to uncover a treat or two and reward them when they dig up treats on their own.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course will not only keep your dogs fit and active, but it will also encourage them to think outside the box (or over the hurdle!)

You can set up hurdles for your dog using chairs, boxes, cones or other objects. You can also create space to weave through objects and tunnels for them to run through.

Artificial turf can accommodate heavy weights without taking damage, so you feel free to place items on its surface.

Doggie Pools

Swimming and wading pools can help your dogs cool off on hot days while still having fun with water.

For dogs that love the water, they can play until they’re exhausted. And if you have dogs that are afraid of water, you can buy a pool with a design that gradually gets deeper to help your pup overcome their fear of the water.

Artificial grass is a great poolside material because it’s soft, mud-free and doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Ramp Up Backyard Playtimes With Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass in Long Island

These ideas work best with artificial grass. And there’s no team more experienced than Long Island Artificial Grass when it comes to customizing turf for backyards.

Tell us how you want your yard to enrich your dog’s playtime and we’ll make sure your installation complements it. We use pet-friendly artificial grass, so you can be sure that your canines will love it.

Send us a message online or call us now at 631-900-2955 and let’s talk about your project!