The green tones of artificial turf in Long Island, NY is the perfect canvas for all sorts of designs. Painting synthetic turf is usually done for game markers on sports fields, but you can absolutely do that to your backyard as well.

Draw goal markers for your backyard soccer pitch, add a logo to your putting green, or let the kids paint their play space – the sky’s the limit. All you need is the right type of artificial turf paint and a touch of creativity to get started!

Types of Paint You Can Use on Artificial Turf

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t use normal paint for artificial turf. It simply won’t stick to the fibers.

Instead, look for specialist paints available in hardware stores or sourced directly from the manufacturer. They range from aerosol sprays to acrylic water-based formulas and come in the following categories:

    • Chalk Paint


      This is commonly preferred for striping sports fields, although child-friendly products are also available for outdoor playtime use.


      It behaves like powdered chalk when left to dry. The formula also wears off with heavy foot traffic, but it can be removed with a brush and soapy water.


      Chalk paint comes in aerosol cans, so it can be directly applied to the artificial grass in Long Island without special equipment. Though white is the most popular option, some brands offer other colors and fluorescent shades.


    • Removable Paint


      Water-based removable paint binds to the turf longer than chalk. Some products in liquid form can be diluted with water to create a thinner mixture. The application is done using a garden sprayer.


      This type can be removed using a water-based paint remover. The coating disintegrates once treated, which doesn’t harm the synthetic grass fibers.


    • Permanent Paint


      Unlike chalk and removable paints, this type is more durable and lasts longer. It’s formulated to bond to synthetic turf fibers without harming them. A clear polyurethane coat can be added on top of it for additional protection against heavy foot traffic.


      This can be applied directly from the aerosol can or with a spray wand to achieve sharper lines. Touch-ups are also convenient to maintain your home’s curb appeal.


What to Consider Before Painting Artificial Turf

Before painting a single stroke, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How long do you want the paint to stay?


      Do you want to customize your grass permanently to boost your interior or exterior design? Or is it just for a fun weekend with your family?


      Permanent products will remain on your artificial turf in Long Island, NY for months, so they’re appropriate for indoor or outdoor custom applications.


      Chalk paints are the best choice for temporary designs. They’re also easy to remove, and they won’t leave a lasting mark no matter how colorful playtime can get!


    • What’s the occasion?


      Are you hosting a one-day outdoor event? Or would you like to change the appearance of your yard just in time for the holidays? In both cases, removable paints are highly recommended by artificial grass installers in Long Island.


      This type handles foot traffic well and doesn’t leave a stain. Your guests can come and go without you having to worry about fading or getting your carpets discolored.


Get Creative with Your Artificial Turf!

Painting turf is just one of the many ways to showcase your personality and make your lawn stand out. Feel free to ask our talented designers and landscapers here at Long Island Artificial Grass for more ideas! Contact us today at 631-900-2955