Is your outdoor living area feeling a little too cozy – as in cramped and confining? Artificial grass for residential homes could be the solution to extend your usable space and create an inviting outdoor oasis. 

This low-maintenance, ultra-durable landscaping covers all kinds of ground, from play areas and pet zones to creative landscape designs. Here are seven creative ways to use artificial turf to enhance and enlarge your outdoor living area:

  • Expand Your Patio or Deck 

Running artificial grass up to the edges of your patio or deck creates a seamless transition, visually expanding the space. This clever design trick makes the whole area feel integrated and increases your overall usable square footage. No more awkward mulch edges!

  • Build a Putting Green 

Bring the golf course home by installing an artificial putting green right in your backyard. A few undulating slopes and you’ve gained an entirely new “room” for leisure and entertaining. Just step off the patio and practice your short game morning, noon, or night.

  • Create Kid Zones 

Artificial turf in Long Island, NY provides a cushioned, clean, low-maintenance play surface for kid’s areas like playground sets, trampolines, or wide-open fields for sports and games. No more mud pits or patchy grass – the fun zone is always ready for action.

  • Design a Doggie Den 

Dogs dig artificial pet turf because it’s soft to lie on, doesn’t collect dirt or moisture, and provides a clean, contained space just for them. Plus, pet owners love the easy care and hygienic, odor-minimizing properties. Fido’s new backyard den promotes better behavior and more quality time outdoors.

  • Add a Courtyard 

Turn an underused concrete slab or rocky outcropping into an inviting outdoor room with artificial grass. The soft, level turf makes these areas instantly more functional as sitting areas, yoga retreats, or cozy conversation pits. Potted plants and weather-resistant furniture complete the secret garden feel.

  • Extend Your Landscaping 

Use artificial grass for residential yards to unite different zoned areas of your outdoor space. A patch of green beautifully blends garden beds and accent borders with patios, walkways, and entertaining areas. It creates a sense of cohesion and makes every inch usable.

  • Install a Bocce Ball Court 

For a classic outdoor entertainment option, create an amazing bocce ball court with artificial grass. This silky smooth, perfectly level surface provides an authentic playing experience for the timeless Italian lawn bowling game right in your backyard.

Let’s Talk!

With a little creativity and artificial grass,  there’s practically no limit to how you can extend and enhance your outdoor living area. Looking for more ideas or have questions about available products and the installation process? Call us at 631-900-2955 or send us a message today – a member of the Long Island Artificial Grass team will be with you shortly.