Your dogs love spending time in your yard. But their excitement to spend time outside might wane over time, especially if they’ve explored every nook and cranny of the place. Playing games with your dog is a great way to bring back the fun in their playtimes! But first, you need to make sure your yard can withstand your games. Start by covering it with pet-friendly synthetic grass in Long Island.

Yards and Lawns Are Not Ideal for Dog Games

Whether your yard is mostly bare soil or grass, it may have things that can make your games less safe and fun. Here’s why:

Yards and lawns are often strewn with sharp objects, such as rocks, twigs, and grass seeds. These can stick to fur, scrape paws, and even cause skin irritation.

Plus, fleas and ticks could also be hiding in the dirt and grass. And the last thing you want is for your dogs to take these nasty parasites home with them!

Moreover, your dogs get dirty when they lie down or roll around the ground—which is fun for them but not for you. They might even get muddy if it rained recently.

And when it’s time to give them a bath afterward, their horror might replace the joy they experienced while playing—and that would be no fun at all!

Why It’s Better to Play on Synthetic Grass in Long Island

Artificial grass doesn’t produce anything that could harm them, such as sharp seeds.

Rocks and other yard debris could wind up on its surface, but they’ll be easy to spot and remove because the turf is short and neat.

On top of that, fleas and ticks tend to avoid artificial grass because they don’t like the way it feels. It also doesn’t offer them much shelter.

Finally, it’s dirt-free, so it won’t turn muddy when it rains and get your dogs dirty even when it’s wet.

Best Games to Play With Your Dogs on Your Synthetic Grass

Ready to have fun with your furry pals? Make these exciting games a part of their outdoor playtimes:


This game is a blast for you and your dogs! Grab a toy and play with your dogs. It’s a great way to bond with your best friends and they’ll love it.

Let them chase after the toy until they catch it in their mouth. When they do, give them a few seconds to chew on it before you pull on the other end of the toy to get it back. This will encourage them to tug back on the toy, which is really fun for them.

Doggy Treat Hunt

Dogs love their treats—but who doesn’t? Start by placing a few treats around your artificial lawn. Then, encourage your pets to find them by calling their name or clapping (or whatever else they respond well to.)

Once they’ve found all the treats, start hiding them farther away each time you play so they’ll have to search harder. You can even hide treats inside toys like balls to make this game extra fun.

Blanket Hurdles

This is a fun game for your dogs and it’s easy to set up. Just lay out a blanket on your artificial grass in Long Island and encourage your dogs to run through the blanket as fast as possible. Once they’ve gotten the hang of jumping on the blanket while it’s flat on the ground, you can raise it a bit.

Hold one end and tie the other to a fence or ask a friend or family member to hold it. Then, raise the blanket so that your dogs will have to jump higher on their next run.


To start, use a squeaky toy or something else that will get your dog’s attention. When they come running over to you, hide. Wait for your dogs to find you. As soon as they do, praise them and give them a treat—this will encourage them to keep searching for you next time.

Frisbee Toss

The rules are simple: Set up a boundary for your dogs (perhaps a fence or other object.) Then, have them sit facing the boundary. After that, toss the frisbee over their head toward the boundary. When they catch it, praise them lavishly and give them some treats—but don’t let them run away with it. They need to bring it back over here so we can keep playing.

Make Outdoor Playtimes More Fun With Artificial Grass for Dogs in Long Island, NY

We’re confident that we have the right turf solution for you and your dogs here at Long Island Artificial Grass.

We offer premium artificial grass products for dogs that are also pet-proof. So you can rest assured that it won’t wear out or take damage from their antics.

We also offer installation services and landscaping solutions to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your pups.

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