Artificial turf in Long Island, NY is making waves as an excellent material for waterscapes. It’s known for its exceptional durability, superb weather resistance and efficient drainage. Its non-slip surface reduces the risks of slips, even in humid areas. Simultaneously, its natural beauty complements everything, from ponds and streams to tabletop fountains and waterfalls.

Waterscaping Ideas Using Artificial Turf Grass

Waterscapes are a fantastic addition to any lawn. They add a sense of calm and make you feel closer to nature. With artificial grass, you can relax and enjoy your landscape without worrying about maintenance. Create a backyard oasis using these ideas:

• Green up the edges of ponds.

If your pond is bordered with nothing but rocks, you can’t go wrong with adding synthetic turf into the mix. Its vibrant color and lush texture soften the otherwise rigid edging of the water feature.

Make sure the synthetic turf fits under the rocky border and looks like a natural part of your landscape with the help of expert artificial grass installers in Long Island.

Create tiered gardens beside the staircase waterfalls in Artificial Grass.

Tiered gardens are made up of retaining walls that can accommodate the soil’s lateral pressure. In addition, their tiered design complement the cascading aesthetic of staircase waterfalls.

One way to do this is to cover the tiers in synthetic turf. Use different types of artificial grass to give the setup more visual interest. Combine artificial grass of different colors and pile heights. You can place potted plants and another outdoor décor on it once the synthetic turf covered a tier.

Complement fountains.

Cover the area around your fountain with artificial turf in Long Island, NY, or lay it alongside pavers to form a pattern for greater visual interest. Consider creating striped, checkerboard, or even freestyle designs. Professional turf installers can help you pull off just about any layout you want. It’s also a breeze to maintain, so you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Accentuate modern water features.

Rills or narrow streams offer a subtle way to integrate water into modern garden setups. Because of their size, however, plants can easily overshadow them. Make them one of the focal points of your landscape by bordering them with synthetic grass. Ask your installer to help you find artificial grass with a short pile height to avoid obscuring the water feature.

Maximize the Potential of Your Landscape

Bring out the best in your landscape with expertly installed artificial grass in Long Island! Look no further than Long Island Artificial Grass for the finest installation services in the area. We love getting creative with turf, and we’re excited to help you bring your designs to life! Call us now at 631-900-2955, and let’s talk about your artificial grass project!